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Penny has worked on many national, talk and magazine television shows including: Good Morning America, NBC Magazine, People, Kids Are People Too, and GeraldoPenny has also been a life-long explorer of spiritual studies, energy medicine, and mind-body techniques. This search has informed her work as a television producer and documentary filmmaker, and as a Practitioner/Instructor with One Light Healing Touch, an International Energy Healing and Mystery School, where she is known as Penny Price Lavin.  (See

In 1995, Penny  launched, Penny Price Media, a production and distribution company dedicated to producing empowering and uplifting programming and documentaries with renowned experts in the body, mind and spirit fields.


THE HEALING FIELD – Exploring Energy & Consciousness – Telly Award Winner. Airing on PBS,, Amazon and The documentary features renowned experts including- Bruce Lipton, PhD; Lynne McTaggart; Beverly Rubik, Phd; the late Candace Pert, PhD; Hyla Cass, MD; Ron Lavin, MA,, Founder & Director of  One Light Healing Touch, Linnie Thomas, HTCP, the late Gerald Epstein, MD; and Qigong masters, Kenneth Cohen and Gary Renza. It also presents self-healing practices from the fields of energy healing, qigong, mental imagery, sound healing and more. 2017©

NEW BOOK: I have written a book based on my documentary, which is called THE HEALING FIELD: Exceptional Healing Practices To Change Your Life . It’s available on It includes new material not seen in the documentary including Larry Dossey, MD; Rollin McCraty, PhD from HeartMath; Qigong master, Jack Lim, and many more.  Read about acclaimed practitioners from the fields of energy healing, qigong, mental imagery, and sound healing who relate inspiring healing stories and studies, and learn about invaluable self-healing practices for people of any age. 2020©

Some Reviews:
“Penny Price Lavin has brought together renowned experts in the role of consciousness and energy healing to create a comprehensive and inspiring overview of the subject.  Integrating scientific knowledge with traditional wisdom, this book is a must for anyone interested in the alternative approaches to health.”- Peter Russell, author, The Global Brain and From Science to God.

“A well-documented and credible voice that not only challenges the paradigms of Western biomedicine, but also offers detailed maps of many of the major healing modalities emerging in our time. If you are trying to make sense out of the contemporary health and healing scene, this is superb resource.”- Rick Jarow, author, Creating the Work You Love, and In Search of the Sacred.

SHINING SOUL: Helen Keller’s Spiritual Life and Legacy – The documentary aired on PBS 2006-2008. It won 1st place in the Houston, and The NY International Independent Film & Video Festivals; and it won TELLY and US International Film & Video Festival Awards.©2006

SPLENDORS OF THE SPIRIT: Swedenborg’s Quest for Insight – The documentary aired on PBS 2002- 2005. It won CHRIS, TELLY, NY Festival, and International Film & Video Festival Awards. ©2002

A COURSE IN MIRACLES with Marianne Williamson -*** Video Librarian
LABYRINTHS: Their Mystery and Magic – ***  Video Librarian
MORE THAN STRETCH – “Recommended” by Booklist
IRON YOGA with Anthony Carillo
EXPLORING SPIRITUAL POLITICS with Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson


THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW– She began her career working as a Talent Coordinator and booked exclusive interviews with Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and the Watergate jurors.
GOOD MORNING AMERICA – Penny was part of the team that successfully launched the program and she was known for booking exclusive interviews.
NBC MAGAZINE – a weekly prime time national newsmagazine. She produced exclusive celebrity profiles on Bob Hope, Alan Alda, and Jane Fonda, as well as investigative segments.
PEOPLE – a weekly prime time series with the magazine for CBS.
SEARCH – a prime time special with the New York Times for NBC.
BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB – a series for Time-Warner.
ON STAGE AMERICA – an Emmy-winning variety series.
THE HUMAN AFFAIR – a daytime, psychodrama series with actors and real people.
KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO – a weekly children’s series, where Penny won an Emmy Award.
GERALDO – Penny was the Coordinating Producer of as well as a producer and writer for the show. She became recognized for a number of investigative programs, such as those on the environment, and a series on AIDS, which won a Maggie Award. She also produced programs on meditation, spirituality, and complimentary medicine.

*Click here to hear an interview with Penny Price as she discusses THE HEALING FIELD on INTUITIVE INK Radio Show, Dec. 2016

Westchester County Business Journal
WOMEN IN BUSINESS Feature Article – Penny Price, Oct. 2008


“Great work Penny on your documentary and book, THE HEALING FIELD! Your strong positive Yang Q is like the wind in the sails driving you forward in this masterful work, while your calm professionalism is evidence of your enduring nurturing Yin Qi.”- Jack Lim, Qigong Grandmaster

“You are a most enlightened producer in this and related fields, and your work is so formative to helping the new paradigm emerge.  It was wonderful working with you on the documentary, The Healing Field.” – Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., Institute of Frontier Science

“My long association with Penny Price is one of my fondest memories: She’s among the best and brightest of all the producers I’ve worked with over the past three decades. She is a rare combination of intelligence, talent, and compassion.” — Geraldo Rivera

“We watched SHINING SOUL. It’s a monumental feat. The whole experience of watching it is truly something from the other world, an Everest experience for the soul.” — Shining Soul screening attendee

“Penny is one of best producers in television. She helped me and my guests communicate with maximum effectiveness, and she structured the programs with style and expertise, and she engaged the audience in both heart and mind.”
— Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D

“I saw on a daily basis her boundless energy and amazing creativity. Her ability to organize all her knowledge and ideas into one coherent program is legendary.” — Steve North, Sr. Producer, CNBC

“Thank you. Your energy, positive attitude, experience, and professionalism really created a fantastic atmosphere to work in.” — Anthony Carillo, yoga instructor, IRON YOGA DVD. 


(left to right) Production Still:  Behind Stage with Steve North at “Geraldo”. Production Still:  “Shining Soul” Shoot


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