A2. HEALING EXERCISES FOR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT- Part 1&2 – 53min@. 2005©




A DOUBLE-DVD:  This “how-to” program presents exercises and practices from shamanistic and holistic traditions with renowned experts. The practices are easy-to-follow, and are for any level of experience. Learn to activate your healing energy, attain health, vitality, flexibility, release stress, and increase your sense of well-being.

PART ONE featuresTai Chi  with Al Huang; A Body-Mind practice with Ilana Rubenfeld;
Chakra Healing with Alberto Villoldo, PhD; and Healing Visualization with Shakti Gawain; (53 min)

PART TWO features:  Color Healing Visualization with Jacob Liberman; Healing Movement with Emilie Conrad;
Sound work and a Visualization with Ron Lavin, MA; and Healing Guided Imagery with Belleruth Naparstek.
Produced, directed and written by Penny Price.      (53 min. )

*** Stars Video Librarian

Fascinating and incredibly uplifting.”- Awareness Magazine

A relaxing and rejuvenating experience.”- NAPRA Review

Item Name: HEALING EXERCISES FOR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT – PART 1 & 2 – (Standard Def)
Item Number: A2