B1. BEYOND DEATH ©2006 120 min.




THROUGH THE TUNNEL AND BEYOND (55 min).  In this compelling documentary, Dr. Raymond Moody relates the healing power of visitations from deceased loved ones. In the hope of helping others, he travels to Greece to learn an ancient method of talking to the dead, and he shows us how to do it. Learn what happens after death and how to talk with departed loved ones.
“Beautifully done” *** 1/2  – VIDEO LIBRARIAN

INTO THE LIGHT (30 min)  Seen on PBS. What happens when we die? Millions worldwide have reported having Near Death Experiences. Meet six people whose lives are dramatically changed after their NDE.. With Bruce Greyson, PhD., Univ. of Conn: Michael Grosso, PhD; Ewert Cousins, PhD, Prof. of Theology at Fordham.
One of the best documentaries on the NDE.  Superb & life-affirming,– Ken Ring, IANDS.

INTERVIEW with Dannion Brinkley:  (30 min)  Brinkley tells about his amazing two NDES, which are among the most detailed accounts of what “it’s like on the other side” ever recorded.  Learn the predictions about our future that the “Beings of Light” gave him. Learn how to increase your perception, lose your fear of death, and about the importance of service work. Brinkley is the author of the best-seller Saved by the Light. Brinkley is a hospice volunteer

Item Name: BEYOND DEATH – DVD  (Standard Def)
Item Number: B1