WOMEN IN BUSINESS PROFILE on Penny Price, Oct. 2008

By Angelilque Chielli and Penny Price

Emmy, Telly and Maggie awards adorn your shelf. You have worked with a variety of celebrities and well known television professionals. And most of all, you do what you love. How have you stayed grounded among all of your achievements?   During my 30 year career working on numerous national magazine and talk-shows, including The Mike Douglas Show, Good Morning America, NBC Magazine and Geraldo, people have often asked me how I’ve stayed so calm in the midst of the crushing deadlines and inherent stress. One of the key stabilizing forces in my life is my underlying philosophy, the knowing in my deepest core level, that my work here is to serve humanity by presenting informative, healing, and uplifting programming. Over the years, the practice of meditation has also given me great support.

Do you have any favorite celebrity stories from Good Morning America or The Mike Douglas Show?  
In the 1970’s, I worked as a Talent Coordinator on both The Mike Douglas Show and Good Morning America. Those were truly unforgettable years! I met many well-known political leaders and beloved celebrities: President Carter, Senator Ted Kennedy, Paul Newman, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, and Jane Fonda, stand out. One of my most treasured memories is getting to know Marlon Brando, who I had booked on The Mike Douglas Show. I will always remember Marlon’s graciousness, his kindness to everyone, from the limo driver to the makeup people and the crew. I soon learned that one’s fame is often proportional to genuine sincerity; the more famous the celebrities, the kinder and more present they seem to be.

What kind of videos and programming does Penny Price Media Produce?  
In 1995, after two decades of working in the high-powered mainstream media, my husband and I moved to the Hudson Valley and I started Penny Price Media. where I have been producing documentaries and special interest programming dedicated to bringing socially conscious, empowering and uplifting programs to the public. Some of them include: A Course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson; Labyrinths, Their Mystery and Magic; and Home Enlightenment Made Easy with Annie Bond, who is a Hudson Valley resident and is one of the top environmental authors in the country. The program shows how to make home formulas for non-toxic living. My two favorite programs are multi-awarding documentaries which have aired on PBS; Splendors of the Spirit – Emanuel Swedenborg’s Quest for Insight, that presents his unforgettable visions of the afterlife, and the language and dimensions of angels; and Shining Soul – Helen Keller’s Spiritual Life and Legacy, which presented how her rich spiritual life informed her life-purpose and brilliant literary writings.